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Tensae Development is a software company that specializes in e-learning management systems and web development.

Tensae is a start-up company formed by Zerubabel Mesfin, a bright software developer trying to transform push traditional systems to digital technologies.

Tensae is a learning management system that allows you to create and deliver online training programs. Courses are accompanied by notes, quizzes, assignments, videos, and Zoom meetings.

This institution is a platform designed for students to be able to learn in an organized manner anywhere and at any time, without having to go to institutions that offer expensive tutor classes to gain additional knowledge.

This platform is accessible via the website we created. The course will be conducted by certified instructors with extensive classroom experience.

For each chapter’s subtopic, there are prepared notes, questions, and videos. There will be additional learning materials attached by the teachers for each course, such as videos and assignments for each subtopic, as well as notes made by the teachers to explain each topic, questions made by their teachers, and from various sources to help the students practice questions on each respective topic.

Every week, online exams are offered. Students who are enrolled in classes that are offered every week take examinations on a particular day to gauge their understanding of the material and to help them perform better.

Every Saturday and Sunday, there is a virtual meeting where students are helped more and teachers answer students’ questions. This face-to-face meeting helps students ask questions directly to their teachers so they can get answers.

The system allows students to chat. This feature helps students chat with each other, learn from other students about the course, and share ideas with their peers.

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